Why do Bayern Munich sell the most football shirts?

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The club that sells the most football shirts in the world may surprise you. Despite clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona having established fans across the globe and a history of mega-stars in their ranks – it isn’t them.

Bayern Munich come in at number 1 in the shirt selling rankings, with a whopping 3.4 million shirts sold in 2021. But how does a club in the Bundesliga attract so much popularity?

Seb Stafford-Bloor writes as Craig Silcock illustrates just why the Bavarian club have became so popular in recent years.

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33 respuestas a «Why do Bayern Munich sell the most football shirts?»

  1. Very simple reason, Bayern has one of if not the best looking jerseys ever in one of the most popular colour (red)

  2. I am surprised its not 8-2 million units 🤔

  3. Because their and Manchester united jersey really looks good red is cool color

  4. they are the only strong team in their league, so obviously they will sell the most shirts

  5. I have #42 Musiala in White. He is a club legend at the age of 20.

  6. Bayern is for loyal fans. I'm loyal to NE Patriots and Boston Celtics bc I watch with my family.

  7. Since when is Bundesliga unpopular ?

  8. As an American who is huge into MLS it's really cool to have a channel that explains the much larger European side of football without melting my brain

  9. I love the videos but I have never felt betrayal like seeing the graph is vertical a 00:30

  10. Die größere Überraschung für mich ist, dass Dortmund auf Platz 8 ist. Die Bundesliga ist außerhalb Deutschlands nicht so beliebt wie LaLiga und EPL und sie haben lange nicht die Liga gewonnen. Das einzige was dafür spricht, ist dass sie der 3 größte Fussballverein der Welt sind nach mitlgiedern

  11. i think inofficial Barcelona and Psg sell the most but the most where Fake. Because many people weare the shirts in a outfit
    sry for my english

  12. I have Bayern Munich shirts lol

  13. What can i say, the germans love their uniforms

  14. I'm a fan since 29 years now. Bayern till death. I really love my home club and I'm proud for all the history, loyality and glory. But no matter if we win or lose: I will always stand for our colours!
    Munich's real love connected with our brothers and sisters all over the world 🤍❤

  15. There is one thing you forgot, since 2010 Football Shirts became very popular in rap videos in Germany, France and England etc. everybody was running round with gucci caps, gucci bags and a football shirt. Red is a very good color to rock in summer in combination with these accessoires and it looks very good on browner skin tones.

  16. Most shirts are sold in Germany, so I think you forgot the most important thing, how rich are Germany relative to the rest of Europe.

  17. Fortunately tomorrow Dortmund is probably gonna win the league.

  18. does this include only real shirts made by the team or replicas as well

  19. Because they are what we call in german "hurensöhne"

  20. Bayern is the last major club with an intact soul.

  21. Hahaha pricing dude if u export outside germany price higher

  22. Großte Sportfamilie im 🌎

  23. Bayern Made Football Jersey with Adidas They both from germany, believe me they design its so good

  24. Bayern is becoming a large brand in China, you can find Bayern fan club in almost every major city, this kind of fan culture really helps Bayern to sell more shirts. Last time Bayern went on a China tour, It was like a big festival, fans were just crazy, you could hear scream every time a player showed up, and it was extremely hard to get a ticket, because all tickets were sold out immediately.Finally Bayern earned 10M in nine days.

  25. I wish we could see more german teams rise to glory. Maybe the league doesn't have the appeal it should because one team always dominates.

  26. They still have fans who can afford such jerseys?

  27. 5:25 Interesting how this never receives any scrutiny or criticism

  28. I'm curious as to where all the city shirts are going

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