Why Bayern Munich sacked Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann was sacked by Bayern Munich on Thursday with Thomas Tuchel announced as his immediate replacement. So why, with Bayern second in the Bundesliga and having won every Champions League match they’ve played this season, was Nagelsmann relieved of his duties? Raphael Honigstein and Jan Aage Fjørtoft joined Mark Chapman to explain…

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31 respuestas a «Why Bayern Munich sacked Julian Nagelsmann»

  1. Where should Nagelsmann go next? 👇

  2. Would be nice to see an actual competitive German league,. I like bayern but it’s just boring year after year. And sadly the Premier League is looking more and more like it’s going that direction as well.

  3. What a stupid decision by the club

  4. Lampard as Interim Manager, It makes sense.

    He knows most of the Squad and he knows Chelsea FC.

    Nagelsmann will NOT be taking the Chelsea Managers roll.

    For me, if not Mourinho, then Enrique, although Gallardo would also be a great choice, even if both are unproven in the PL, they know the ropes and what it takes.

    But if Chelsea are thinking Enrique, why not now?

    So it must be him dragging his feet, for whatever reason, so that is not good.

    I would have thought getting a full time Manager in now would be the best idea, that way he can bed-in and be ready for next Season, while having some idea which direction to go in.

    Not sure what Chelsea did before against Wolves has to do with the here and now and the words "clutching at and straws" springs to mind, but hey-ho.

    Paez would be a hell of a signing, "if" they can pull it off.

    Growing and will become a Superstar.

    He is not just a goal scorer, he is a goal maker, but….we all know Chelsea and their signing goal-scorers' record, so forgive me if I do not get too excited until I actually see it work.

    Hojlund would be another one and has the potential to be as good as, if not better than, Haaland and he is only 20.

    Of course we are talking Chelsea and their rep as "Graveyard for Strikers", so we will have to see.

  5. What corruption charges have Barcelona been found guilty of exactly. Just because last Barca president f**ked the club financialy and has been charged and is under investigation doesn't mean Barca have done nothing wrong. Wasn't former Bayern ceo caught for tax evasion.

  6. Why not Bayern asked Chelsea to swap their coaches? Nagelsmann to Chelsea and Tuchel to Bayern…. then we shouldn't be worrying about firing and hiring managers anymore….

  7. With the reasons stated here. He should not have been hired in the 1st place if they feel he was not a good culture fit.

  8. Spot on, Bayern was too big for Nagelsmann, just as Chelsea was too big for Potter.
    Neither can handle the egos, or the expectations of such a huge Club and if Bayern was too big for Nagelsmann, when they are in a quite healthy position, then he has absolutely no chance with Chelsea.
    Not to mention the fact that he has said he does not want the Chelsea job and would prefer Spurs.

  9. Nagelsmann to Chelsea 🙏🏼

  10. Thanks for not giving us any answers

  11. They always wanted Tuchel. Julian is just a backup they performed really well so they didn't sack him earlier when Thomas was out from Chelsea. Bayern is always about image.

  12. This Nagalsmann sacking reminds me of what happened with Celtics and Ime Udoka.

    At first it was shocking to know that an excellent young coach got fired. And then, with time, the sexual conduct issue made the news.

    If he's been fired ONLY because of performance, theyre foolish.

  13. The reason they sacked Nagelsmann because Tuchel is available and someone else is asking about his availability. Like it or not they have to react.

  14. Simply love Jan Aaage's delivery, illustrative and thus interesting

  15. IF Bayern win the CL this year you can make the very good argument that they are the 2nd biggest club in football history regarding titles, players and records. So all the important stuff. 😉
    I think its good thinking striving for the highest level. If Nagelsmann wasnt working behind the scenes then so be it. Tuchel will have one hell of a start. will be so interesting to watch.

  16. Raphael and Jan on the same podcast. Doesn’t get any better.

  17. Tbh i personally want Bayern to lose the tittle just because of the unjust sacking. Let the Bayern boards learn about some professionalism and humility.

  18. The Athletic should at least mention the possibility of Müller’s role in all this, given that JN was shifting towards Musiala as a #10, which is Müller’s favourite position at both the club and the national team…

  19. When Favre was in Borussia Bayern were 9 points behind at some point, and they still won the title. So one point behind is almost equal to them being ahead.

  20. The biggest reason to explain this is the limited availability window of Tuchel.

  21. Seems like one of those where Bayern wanted him because at the time he was the best coach in the league especially when you don't include Flick, Klopp and Tuchel weren't available and it also allowed them to weaken a direct rival which they often do at player level as well. However I think the issue throughout his time was that J.N is very much a modern coach with modern ideas in and outside of football where as Bayern strike me as a very traditional club, they like people to come in and conform to their way of thinking, I remember reading that Oliver Kahn wasn't impressed by what he wears on the touchline, so it was probably doomed from the start and JN was probably always fighting an uphill battle with the hierarchy at Bayern. That's probably also why he fit in so well at Leipzig and Hoffenheim because they're much more modern clubs without traditions that he could go against and therefore they conformed to him. I think he could work really well at Spurs because I doubt they'd care about what he does off the field so long as he doesn't embarrass the club or doesn't win games. I personally see him going to Liverpool in the future but If I were Tottenham I'd reach out to him immediately and look to tie him down to join in the summer and give him whatever he wants.

  22. Bayern inexplicably blew a nine-point lead at the top of the Bundesliga table. THAT is the primary reason why Nagelsmann got the boot. Secondarily, Bayern felt they needed to grab a high-profile manager (Tuchel) before he signed with another club. We'll see how THAT works out. We all remember the Carlo Ancelotti debacle.

  23. Tottenham have also senior Stars, like the keeper, Song and Kane.

  24. Can't believe how quickly things spiraled for Nagelsmann after that PSG game. Mané's outburst really exposed the cracks in the team. Crazy how one decision can have such a massive impact on a coach's career.

  25. Bayern is going to look foolish if Tuchel doesn't win them the champions league.

  26. There seems to be an issue recently of a disconnect between management and one person. Kovac, Hansi Flick now Naglesmann. Managers have complained about not getting the right level of support in the market, there’s one person who’s responsible with this and that’s Salihamidzic. Flick really doesn’t like him, I’m sure down the line Nagelsmann will echo the same sentiment- he comes across as a DoF who thinks he should be the manager and dictate transfer policy. He talks and unsettles the fan base which contributes to sacking a manager they paid €34m RBL for. Surely there has be questions about Salihamidzic and his influence?

  27. So nothing to do with inappropriate phone calls to members of the female team?

  28. At 10:25, the Tom Cruise film that Rafa is referring to is: "Minority Report".

  29. Love you Mark, but hold a Cup or something to keep your hand busy

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