‘TOO GOOD!’ Bayern Munich squash Union Berlin as Sadio Mane returns | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens reflect on a good weekend for Bayern Munich, who crushed Bundesliga title rivals Union Berlin 3-0, and saw Sadio Mane return to the pitch for the first time since before the World Cup.

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15 respuestas a «‘TOO GOOD!’ Bayern Munich squash Union Berlin as Sadio Mane returns | ESPN FC»

  1. huge bayern fan here but i just dont see us beating psg with a fit mbappe. also neymar could be hurt which would actually help psg. our only saving grace is that psg have to attack and the bayern forwards love running into space so we'll see. but omg that 25 minutes mbappe was on against us…people say bayern unlucky not to have scored more i just thought we were lucky to actually win. super nervous for next week but auf gehts bayern!

  2. Pavard in his true role was great. I really don't know which trio bayern should play up front choupo, Müller and coman seem to be the obvious choice but to ho do you add (musiala, Mane or sane?)

  3. Unjinx all the comments that are jinxing bayern! 🙏

  4. WHO GUESSED….Gab not big on Chupo Moting! :O…i don't understand why people do this? WHY are you pretending to know things about the bundesliga, when you obviously arent watching nor care the slightest bit to do so? It's like me opening a podcast about the premier league? Couldnt give less of a *** about the premier league? So WHY would i pretend that i know things about the players invovled IN IT only to present a picture of get your news on AAAAALL THE FOOTBALLSESSES HERE with gab and juls!? Im interested in Spanish and German football and i see the rest is harshly overrated, so why would i pretend that's not so to make a podcast watched by 9.2k people!?!?!!?!? It just doesnt make sense to me.

  5. Muller is my fav player of alltime he has zero flair but he is very effective

  6. Shutup pavard played well

  7. I want psg to win but i want mane to do well

  8. Good to see mane and Mazraoui back it boosts the squad and fit mane is very very good with pressing which will help us and he’s very clinical as well.

  9. Bayern, United and Real are the top 3 clubs again…

  10. Pavard played great and it’s a shame that he’s suspended for the 2nd leg of around 16 Match between Bayern and PSG

  11. Bayernliga for a reason lol


  13. High Pressing is good against Bayern. You can't Park the Bus 90 minutes against them, like psg the first 75 Minutes or Union now.

  14. PSG in form Bayern inform, bring on UCL

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