Musiala‘s BRILLIANT Solo! | VfL Wolfsburg – FC Bayern München 2-4 | Highlights – Bundesliga 2022/23

#WOBFCB | Highlights from Matchday 19!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 19 of the 2022/23 season!

Goals: 0-1 Coman (9.), 0-2 Coman (14.), 0-3 Müller (19.), 1-3 Kaminski (44.), 1-4 Musiala (73.), 2-4 Svanberg (81.)

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41 respuestas a «Musiala‘s BRILLIANT Solo! | VfL Wolfsburg – FC Bayern München 2-4 | Highlights – Bundesliga 2022/23»

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  2. Stop commenting Messi under this post
    Let him be the new musiala that he wants to be

  3. this is the shortest match highlight i have ever seen having six goals

  4. MiaSanmia….My love for my team grows with each day passing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️….#Proudßaväŕîäñ

  5. Jamal MESSiala ! ⭐️❤ The German Messi is on his way to the GOATness. 🇩🇪💪🏾

  6. Musiala musiala musiala ❤️❤️❤️

  7. 'Brilliant Solo' what? Finish the sentence…..

  8. Amazing talent Musiala, but look at it again, this is just terrible defending…For me, the lack of defending is more striking than the beauty of the goal

  9. From musiala i got vibes of my goat Messi . I am worried of this because Messi should be one of its kind

  10. Expected better performance from Yann Somer 😶😮‍💨

  11. Because he's playing in Bundesliga musiala goal is not getting the hype that rodrygo gets from madrid

  12. In this match better clear then world cup match.

  13. The difference comes with Coman everytime
    And Messi lia is the best younger in the world since 2 seasons but no one talk about for the moment

  14. Pedestrian defending by Wolfsburg's defenders for that Musiala goal!

  15. The league is so easy. Look at those defenders just standing, no press, no tackle. No wonder a decent team like Bayern are dominating for a decade.

  16. Musiala, the germany messi. 👍👍👍

  17. I’m a Barca fan and I love Pedri and Gavi, but Musiala is something else. Reminds me of Messi tbh

  18. Musiała and Kamiński 🔥☄️❤️ the future of football
    (Btw Kamiński is from Poland And Musiala Has Polish Origins, Poland Produces the best ballers fr.

  19. Musiala is probably the only player I'll be following after having seen the careers of Messi and Iniesta. He's that style of player.

  20. Kaminski and Musiala are the future of german and international football, the best youngsters our there.

  21. Already said it and no1 believed me, he's the future ballon d'or winner

  22. Very daring from Musiala.
    Had 100% no right.

  23. Coman's 2nd goal or Musiala's? It's a tough choice

  24. Coman, Muller & Musiala destroying the oppenent

  25. Brawo Kuba Kamiński 👏🇵🇱

  26. the good thing is Bayern scoring a lot of goals

    the bad thing is their defence sucks balls

  27. Best esthetic football Bundesliga❤❤❤

  28. Given how in-form Wolfsburg has been, there's no better opponents for Bayern to reclaim their title contention against. What a BIG win for the Bavarians 💪🏼

  29. Really good ❤ love Bayern

  30. Musiala, Coman, Cancelo, Mueller, Pavard – we have the best team itw. 😍 #MiaSanMia

  31. Musiala again proved he's inf.better than then the inf.overrated mbappe!

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