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Following the worst ever defence of a Premier League title by any team, it should come as little surprise that Chelsea were one of the first sides to turn their attention towards next season by unveiling their 2016-17 home strip. 10:55 p.m. Karim Benzema has scored the opening goal of the Champions League final in the 51st minute. A return to Champions League football for next season was sealed on the final day. Organizer UEFA has said refunded tickets will be made available to locals but there is likely to be the unusual sight of empty seats at a Champions League final. Arsenal are not yet ready for Champions League Football, we lack the mentality and resilience that’s the bottom line,’ they wrote. Earlier this season, Pulisic’s father, Mark, took aim at his son’s lack of playing time at Stamford Bridge, and described his situation as ‘sad’. The camera catches Lennon gazing at Harrison playing his guitar.

Lennon makes everyone laugh with his silly voices, everybody takes the piss out of McCartney’s beard, and they goof around with a filthy version of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. McCartney’s love and understanding of music is infectious as he connects what they’re doing with wider musical traditions. We weren’t a musical household, or if I’m honest, even particularly big Beatles fans. And just as my dad did while pushing a broom ’round a back room in Merseyside, you get to see the Beatles casually and joyously swapping instruments, working together to shape their sound. And after hours of watching a crisis build around Harrison, it’s genuinely heartwarming to see him unable to stop himself smiling when the others comically mess up a take. During the times when the team needs to wear their third strip, they take the field all in white, with gray accents on the jerseys. Though I’m from the Wirral, a leafy peninsula across the river from Liverpool that the Beatles played many times as they grew up, my parents didn’t have any rarities or collector’s items in their record collection. After the death of their manager, the Beatles are now managing themselves and reckoning with tedious complications like having to haggle over equipment from record label EMI.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who connected with my parents through the Beatles as a sort of background radiation transcending musical taste. As a respectful person I owed to it to them to speak to them personally I though that was the best thing to do. I was part of a club who were the pioneers of growing a brand and we have the best here. Liverpool F.C. won the first division in 1901. Repeated the feat again in 1906. C. won the first division in 1901. Repeated the feat again in 1906. won the first division in 1901 and repeated the feat again in 1906. It was fueled at the time by a number of Scottish players brought to the club with money from private investment. They won 5-2 at Everton back in October when things were more cheerful. So while finally getting the club on the field was indeed an achievement in itself, producing where it really counts – on the pitch – has proved far more problematic.

A fan zone will be set up in the south-east on Cours de Vincennes, more than 10km away from the stadium. Will be waiting for any problems or bad results. Get Back is very good at capturing the band’s boredom and frustration as they sit around waiting for missing members to show up, but it does that by actually showing them sitting around bored and frustrated. As they struggle through embryonic versions of so many iconic songs, you find yourself rooting for them to find the right word you know is waiting to slot into place. The Oscar-winning director famously extended his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies into different cuts, liverpool fc jersey and maybe Get Back needs multiple versions too. To cap it all, hovering around them is the man overseeing the filming, desperately unhip director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who keeps suggesting that the band perform in an amphitheater in Libya, or maybe a children’s hospital. And the clock is ticking because Ringo has to go and make a movie with Peter Sellers (who also shows up briefly, liverpool away jersey and very awkwardly). CH: Joelinton to make Brazil’s World Cup squad and stick two fingers to those who wrote him off as one of the worst signings in Premier League history (me).

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