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She has advanced forward as her career has progressed – initially a centre back at the 2007 World Cup, she has adapted into a midfielder during the latest qualification campaign. Liverpool players meanwhile revolted in a joint social media campaign condemning the proposals. In terms of the value of media rights and viewing figures, it is heavily dependent on the international game and particularly World Cups and the Premier League. I think we’re the most spoiled nation in the world in terms of football broadcasts for free. Leaked colours for Liverpool’s Nike kits, what do you think? 8. Sergio Aguero Sergio Aguero established himself as Manchester City’s star man when he scored his last minute winner that landed City the Premier League title in 2012. Since Nike prised the Man City shirt deal away from Umbro, their shirts have become even more appealing, helping to get Aguero on this list. With this being an average taken up to the end of last season, Liverpool are still in adidas’ top 5 – and whilst their performance on the pitch has been less than stellar, it’s no surprise Warrior were willing to pay top dollar for the technical supplier deal at Anfield when they can shift shirts in that quantity.

We decided to throw a party on the roof of our office building. Turns out - one of the best venues in the city! We will be using it more often for sure, especially for that Liverpool city skyline. Are you surprised by the top ten? Celtic can look forward to sales that max out at several hundred thousand – leaving them just outside the top ten. Popular globally, the Welshman is one of two Real Madrid players to feature in the top ten selling shirts list. They would sell anywhere near a million shirts. 9. Gareth Bale Gareth Bale signed for Real Madrid for a world record fee of £85 million. Bayern Munich were the fourth and final team to sell more than one million shirts per year during that period, with Chelsea completing the top-five with 899,000 shirt sales. Neymar shirts were the biggest seller during the 2014 World Cup, but this past season sales place the forward’s sales in at No.6. Other Clubs Whilst many of Europe’s biggest clubs are accounted for here, there’s plenty missing – so we’ve picked out some highlights from the rest of Dr.’ Rohlmann’s study to see where they stack up: -‘ Manchester City sold somewhere just over 250,000, but their five-year average is 175,000 per year ” sufficient only to place them 17th in Europe. Repyour Liverpool FCfandom when you are on the pitch with this officially licensedReds youth Polyester Tee.

Liverpool F.C. Youth Jersey 100% Polyester, Embroired logo, Authentic Team Colors and Official Team of Liverpool F.C.. Liverpool F.C. Youth Jersey 100% Polyester, Authentic Team Colors and Official Team Logo of Liverpool F.C.. All poly shirt jersey comes with tag. All Poly Shirt Jersey include tag with all detailed information confirming “Official Licensed Product”. Soccer. All Jersey with Tag, UPC and all detail info. Officially Licensed Soccer Poly Shirt Jersey. Liverpool F.C. Soccer Jersey 100% Polyester, Embroired logo, Authentic Team Colors and Official Team of Liverpool F.C. The youngsters have been carefully selected by teachers from the 25 schools based near Anfield, local community leaders and the Red Neighbours team for the fantastic contribution they have made to support others in the local area during these challenging times. People have been cancelling their cable subscription. As the CEO of Mola TV, an Indonesian subscription service which boasts over 1.5million subscribers, the 56-year-old’s own obsession with the sport has helped shape the company’s programming output. Real Madrid and Manchester United have sold an average of 1.5million official replica shirts globally each year over the past five years – making them the two most popular shirts in football.

Despite their well-noted lack of success in recent years, Arsenal remain a force to be reckoned with; their stylish play and astute business (as well as savvy tours of the Far East the past few pre-seasons) have done wonders for their shirts sales. Turkish giants’ Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are well known for their fanatical followings, but would only manage numbers at the lower end of the 10 in good years, largely due to the increase of counterfeit goods in their home market, and relative unpopularity throughout the rest of Europe. As with the men’s competition, there are plans to expand the number of teams taking part – so in 2017, we will have 16 nations involved. Have you seen the list of the stars they have in Real? 4. Take Ronaldo away from Real. Of course Real would. According to Liverpool, the increase in turnover was a result of a new UEFA Champions League broadcasting deal which commenced in this period, a second-placed finish in the Premier League and higher partnership and merchandising value.