Jan Aage Fjortoft on Bayern Munich performance vs. Union Berlin: Very IMPRESSIVE! | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discusses Kingsley Coman and Bayern Munich as they defeated Union Berlin, 3-0.
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7 respuestas a «Jan Aage Fjortoft on Bayern Munich performance vs. Union Berlin: Very IMPRESSIVE! | ESPN FC»

  1. So no talks on mane???

  2. Jamal Musiala is so good🔥

  3. Bayernliga. They just buy their league titles. No competetion. Just hand them the title at the beginning of the season. Embarassing.

  4. ESPN and all media should give CR7 more credit. Last year he won Bench D'Or for scoring 1 goal in 14 starts out of 23 matches played and it was a penalty and before that season he scored 24 goals against Norwich City and Brentford while stat padding and scoring 0 goals 0 assists against Man city or liverpool and won Garbage D'Or . Then blamed multiple coaches + teammates + ex teammates with Interview D'Or. Now won Rejection D'Or playing in ranked 70 farmers league for money while telling people he doesnt play for money.

    Now he is leading in Camel D"Or ranking while scoring against "AL TALAI WALAI FC" and scoring hattricks against part time construction workers while fans are calling him the greatest for scoring against construction workers while Messi scored against EPL winners manchester city last season in UCL and already this season in UCL. Media should give My goat Tapinaldo Penaldo more credits as he is the only player to score Most penalties in HISTORY of the sport.

  5. More Bundesliga content please. It's always Premier League (which ESPN does not even air) and La Liga.

  6. How come u guys aren’t talking about Dortmund with 9/9 ESPN FRAUDS

    Like it was yesterday but all u guys talk about is Madrid Barca Chelsea Man U and PSG like bro 🤡

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