I Ended Bayern Munich’s Dominance…

Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga 10 times in the last 10 seasons. Somebody needs to stop them!

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33 respuestas a «I Ended Bayern Munich’s Dominance…»

  1. Hey Sid. Could you do a fixing video of


    . They are one of the best teams in India and with the most fanbase in both South Asia and India.

  2. "Adeymi right place right time just before half time " what a rhyme


  4. Sid please can you do rangers fc for 10 seasons put them in the lowest league of the English league please been watching u since the start of last fifa please

  5. bro your finishing must get better what are those tap in thats not even a goal..

  6. 13:38 they never said something like that lmao

  7. Sid love the content keep it up

  8. 13:29 bro forgot to edit it in

  9. Rues has to have a bundesliga heroes card soon

  10. Did you know when durtmund and beyern have a match it is called the "der classicer" (german for classic)

  11. This is why dortmund is the best team in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich buys the good players, dortmund makes the good players.
    Example: Lewandowski,Bellingham,Haaland,aubameyang,sancho,

  12. Bellingham 103M transfer
    S2G:80 million

  13. Your the best fifa YouTuber ever keep it up as always!

  14. Extreme Takeover with Man U plz

  15. Rebuild RB Leipzig. They defeated Bayern which almost made Dortmund champions . They beat most of the teams of Bundealiga and will be champions in future. So don't reject it.

  16. Dude plays on Amateur

  17. Do a Man U career mode after your s2g fc one

  18. Very original idea this one good job. You have ended bayerns dominance about 50 times now

  19. S2G if you want a bigger challenge I recommend playing as a polish-moldovan-slovakian club, and try getting them on the top of the leage, and to win the uefa

  20. Anybody rember Dortmunds top 3 polish players. Lewandowski, Błaszczykowski And Piszczek. What a combo they where, but of course it never lasted

  21. Next do it with leverkusen

  22. No no not Bayern or i will unsubscribe 😢

  23. Pls do Hamburg to the bundesliga title

  24. Even in the game Brandt is so underrated 🙏 I loved seeing him produce for you, he was genuinely our best player this season right up there with Bellingham

  25. S2G pls take over hamburg for 10 seasons

  26. I think leverkusen should win it next season

  27. Waiting for ManUnited extreme career mode…

  28. Send a scout in India your home country it a challenge for you

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