Bayern Munich DOMINANT vs. Union Berlin | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Kingsley Coman had his footprint all over this game as Bayern Munich defeats Union Berlin, 3-0.

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  1. Thomas game is so impeccable his touches are amazing

  2. Sane coman and muller defense is getting better and better I'm truly shooken 😮😮😮💥💥💥

  3. serge is the new afro guy now that sane ties his hair back

  4. Was hoping it would be more competitive considering how well Union has played all season.

  5. Ahhhh coman if you didn’t miss the penalty in the WC FINAL

  6. Bayern looked like their pride was on the line. Union played well given the circumstances

  7. Don’t miss the riveting highlight that starts at 6:08

  8. Fit Mane is a different beast. So selfless . Glad to have him back

  9. Union Berlin Keeper loves using his head (5:11 & 5:35)

  10. Mane shoudlve had 2 assists, Such a class player!

  11. I like how Bayern always play the song "Infernal Galop" everytime they score

  12. Pundits: Can Dortmund and Union challenge Bayern for the title?


  13. Rebecca Lowe is better

  14. man ECM is so underrated, seems to score almost every game !

  15. love the hair Gnab

  16. Musialla is a cold player man 🔥🔥 Guy is sick at futbol

  17. Thomas Müller with one of those days where no defense on this Planet can deal with him breaking thru….

  18. Coman has been on fire. He looks like he wants to be there and is trying his best.

  19. Yoooooo that passes by mane is incredible 😮 omg!! Mane makes chances for goals 😳 im scared if he plays against psg 🥲🥲

  20. 1:32 lmao and then he acts surprised when he gets carded too

  21. Happy that Mané is back ❤❤

  22. Coman is too good this season

  23. Good to see you back!

  24. I can’t imagine that they have mane.

  25. IDK why exactly but Bayern's football is just always more entertaining to watch for me. Maybe you guys can articulate it better, but the interplay in the offense combined with their defensive resilience goes to show why they've always maintained a good record

  26. PSG already in trouble 😂😂😂

  27. Nice to see sadio mane back and he played well

  28. Bayern definitely put the food down. But still, disappointing performance from Union

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