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Click through our products to find the items that will complete your look so you can play, practice or cheer in unmistakeable Real Madrid fashion. Emblem: If your Real Madrid jersey is authentic, the emblem and logo of the shirt will be heat-pressed as opposed to embroidered. The No 7 shirt is currently occupied by Cavani, who held onto the number after Sancho’s arrival, with the Englishman having to settle for the No 25 instead. Ronaldo threw his Juventus shirt on the ground after the game which looked to be another sign of frustration, though it was in the direction of a ballboy who had requested it. Off came the shirt as the crowd were sent into pandemonium. Took the No 9 shirt after becoming Mourinho’s first signing as Chelsea boss but was unable to translate his record-breaking scoring feats in Holland to English football. ‘Doing fast feet with ankle weights, he took training to another level,’ says Darren Fletcher. It was the start of an enmity that would see the Dutchman eventually leave amid accusations of favouritism, real madrid jersey 2020 21 but also a lesson that the younger man took on board. Was genuinely happy to see some old faces when he reported to the training ground on Tuesday.

Young family is only a short distance from his old house in Alderley Edge. Ronaldo was young and reckless back then, a typical footballer enjoying the trappings of fame. When Cristiano Ronaldo rocked up at Manchester United in a Lamborghini this week, it felt just like the good old days. Ronaldo could make his debut in just under a fortnight when United host Newcastle at Old Trafford. Not bad for a player whose soul was supposedly sucked out by dismal stints at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge, before being hung out to dry in Turkey. He remains hugely popular among fans and is set to have his most successful campaign at Old Trafford when football resumes next month. A year later he managed 30 goals for Ligue 1 side Monaco who dumped Manchester City out of the Champions League – that may somewhat have redeemed Falcao with United fans. With three goals and four assists in his first six Premier League games, including a stunner against Leicester, it looked so promising for the Argentine. Three stellar years in Portugal saw Real Madrid come calling, who parted with £30m to bring him to the Bernabeu.

The hairless puss, a star of the couple’s hit Instagram sites before its accident, became part of their family just over two years ago. Of course, Ronaldo is a different man now at the age of 36 from the one who left United 12 years ago. The boy who used to wear weights around his ankles when running in the streets of Quinta do Falcao, the neighbourhood where he grew up on the island of Madeira, did the same in training at United. He consulted a sleep guru who told him to take five 90-minute naps a day on fresh sheets. I expected this deal to take place. The 28-year-old is still finding his feet at the Nou Camp but his big-money move has found him a place on this list. Ronaldo used resistance bands to strengthen his ankle ligaments knowing that a player with fancy feet. The story goes that Ferdinand beat Ronaldo at table tennis much to the delight of their teammates at Carrington. Still, it was almost possible to forget the passage of time when he returned to Carrington looking like a million dollars: tanned, immaculately manicured and capable of passing for someone considerably younger.

He would spend hours practising his tricks in private at Carrington where no one could witness any mistakes. Ferdinand remembers Ruud van Nistelrooy, then the main man at United, flouncing off the training ground because he was infuriated by Ronaldo’s tricks. ‘The absolute beauty of it is that if you do well then you know every single person in Scotland is happy because of you,’ Strachan tells Sportsmail. Falcao is well aware of his limitations when it comes to age, though his rebirth in LaLiga is seeing the Colombian turn into a wily old fox. ‘Somehow, something inside tells me, “Gerd go this way, Gerd go that way”, and the ball comes over and I score. ‘Ruud was making runs into the box and the ball wasn’t coming in because Cristiano was doing about 50 stepovers,’ says Ferdinand. ‘Ruud went crazy screaming, “He shouldn’t be on the pitch, he should be in the circus” and he walked in.

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