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A glittery skirt and detachable cape make this a costume she’ll wear again spooky scary halloween costumes and again. The costumes for Halloween toddlers wear are smaller versions of something that you might consider wearing. I mean, basically, these guys look like they’re wearing space-age riot gear. This fact is a little bit scary mostly because, collectively, it’s like the culture doesn’t want to think about this fact. Get your little one this cool Frankenstein-inspired costume, comprised of loose black trousers, a t-shirt and hat (printed with the iconic monster’s forehead). Just add a cute witch hat (hint: try to get one propped on a headband so it stays on her head!).

The tights, hat and broom will pull your homemade witch costume together. Unwrapped candy and other homemade treats given out by strangers, which are most likely harmless, will probably do better finding their way into the trash rather than in your child’s mouth just to be on the safe side. Embracing the Dark Side of the Force is fine at Halloween, spooky halloween costumes but maybe let’s rethink this one. Halloween costume. Treat bags made out of old pillowcases work out just fine too. Well first you have to decide whether you are going to purchase a costume or make one the old fashion way. But we should. Having kids dressing up as Star Wars Stormtroopers for Halloween is icky, mostly because Stormtroopers have horrific counterparts both in history and in everyday headlines.

The best part of this Halloween costume design is that you do not have to do any make-up or hairstyle at all. Part scary, part delightful! The fluffy pastel tutu skirt is made for twirling, and the unicorn headband is handmade. Complete the look by using a tutu and black Converse or Mary Janes. The Pinhead costume is made up of a hideous pinheaded mask, a grim looking black robe with our costume includes a very impressive pinheaded mask, a black robe with a disturbing looking breastplate, and black thumb-and-pinky gloves. Halloween, then upgrade to a super witchy black dress like this one from Amazon. Her 10-year-old son is going as Bowser, the big bad lizard from Super Mario Bros. Other than Han and Luke stealing Stormtrooper uniforms to fool the bad guys, it actually took the Star Wars franchise 38 years to give us a Stormtrooper with a conscience.

I happen to believe that, for the most part, Star Wars is a fairly anti-gun series of films, despite the fact that several gun-like weapons are brandished all the time. George Lucas specifically modeled much of the aesthetic of the OG Star Wars on WWII, and even contemporarily, shots of the First Order troops in The Force Awakens are meant to invoke images of Nazi Germany. You’ll need to order Hermione her own wand, and perhaps a pair of striped knee socks, both for warmth and a more complete look. Not one to be outdone by her older brother, my five-year-old, Rose, will be dressed as Hermione this year.

Everyone wants to be Jonah Hex but the guy with a sexy body will surely win the look. We’re zooming through our series of Harry Potter books over here, so naturally my six-year-old, Noah, wants to bring his favorite character to the streets. Or you can just ask everyone over for a game night. Run amok this Halloween by dressing up as Winifred, the head witch from Hocus Pocus — you can also turn this into a fun group costume by recruiting two friends to go as her witchy sisters, Sarah and Mary. The fantasy element to Stormtroopers isn’t really all that fun.

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