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Boy and Dog Silhouette For this subtle, glam zombie, all you’ll need is baby powder, some makeup brushes, dark eyeshadows to hollow out the eyes and do a bit of contouring, and black lipstick or liquid eyeliner. For a glam approach to the classic mermaid costume, Lauren Conrad crafted a DIY look we can’t get enough of. It never hurts to have a few props to complete your Walking Dead Carol Peletier look. If you don’t have an old doll around, hunt for one at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, a local yard sale or thrift shop. In my example, the doll arrived without clothes (an ebay bargain).

In my example, I put my doll’s frizzy locks into two little-girl ponytails. Using acrylics, paint your doll’s body light gray or white get a ghastly effect. …and awesome. “Suturing” of the mouth using shadowing. Another option is the “possessed eye”: using acrylics, paint the entire iris and conjunctiva in white or very light gray. For this DIY project, you’ll need cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls, a glue gun, white paint, fishing wire and battery-operated tea lights. These guys don’t need to worry about broken bones as they caper from porch to rooftop. Most events take place on Sunday, Oct. 28. Pick and choose; don’t do the same thing every year, unless your kids really want to.

If you want to stand out, unique yet you don’t want to exert even an inch of effort, this is a total clever idea for you. Whether you’re staying in or going out, this cute (and comfy) dress is sure to be a hit. Luckily, going homemade doesn’t always mean that you’ll spend the night before Halloween sewing, pinning or painting. If you’ll be removing any limbs from your doll, do so now, horror costumes before painting and altering the rest of the doll. Remember: the worse condition the doll is in, the better. If you couldn’t scare your way out of a paper bag and feel a bit silly being “sexy” then it is better to see the funny side of Halloween.

Movies. Though autumn is undoubtedly the best time to re-watch some of your old favorites, it’s also fun to see newer spooky films to add to your repertoire. Perhaps it’s what’s termed the uncanny valley effect: they’re real-looking (sort of), yet they’re frozen, staring eternally at something we ourselves can’t quite see. It’s all about the paleness. Then try to be a glamorous housewife. He would twist slow-burning fuses into his hair and his braided beard, then light them as he went into battle, so that his head would be wreathed in smoke, and so his enemies might think he was the devil. Roll the eyes back in the head if you can. Keep the body part as you can use it later if you wish. I felt the contrast between the stuffed and sewn body and the plastic limbs gave the doll an older feel, adding to the haunted effect, so I left her undressed.

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