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She may be present in a huge disappointment I suffered this week and in me having to try to explain my queer-trans identity and faith to a researcher. These are a people who have unfairly suffered much but survive and hope and nurture. They will lighten your final color, but not nearly as much as I expected. Even though the traditional wax formula is still pretty much preserved until this day, there’s now another type of wax called the flexible blend. Of course I told him I love him and need him to keep on even if things are very rough for the earth. I lied to him and told him I didn’t need it for a work-lunch the next day and I thought of all the vitamins in his growing young body. A young female actor recited a poem at a funeral and part of the lines were something like “Don’t cry for me, I am not there.” Would you have any idea the name of this poem and where I might find it?

I don’t remember the name of the show. If words don’t cut it, you might dance a prayer instead. Words can be good, but must be used with care. I don’t care about people believing things or paying tribute to some “Lord” in fact I think that way of conceiving God’s sovereignty is counter-productive. You can do this any way you want and can use saliva, water or oil. Godde is in the way we orient to each others needs and wellbeing. This is sovereignty and I can see gospel in it the good news of Godde even though I want to cry at the colonialism and put it in the bin. Even in case of urgency, the simple act of melting wax and impressing the seal, even if it only took a minute to accomplish, gave a much-needed breather that clicking the ‘Send’ button does not afford. Hold the spoon over a lighted tea light and hold until all the wax is melted.

Free shipping over 2500. This is because glue sticks are less likely to make the paper buckle or break when applied. We could talk of those things, there are no easy answers but there is joy in the small things I can do, like buy my coffee in a real ceramic mug (not a disposable paper thing) or bring my produce bags to the shop. Take your chilled stamp off of the ice, blot on a clean paper towel or wash cloth to remove any water that may have collected, and place the seal at the center of your wax! Today most communication takes place faster than it should. No hurry!’ said the Carpenter. The imagery this story provides may act as a distraction to the reader, yet some have tried to attribute political, religious, and nationalistic ideas to the Walrus and the Carpenter. I may go to church for the beautiful people not for the readings. If Godde must have sovereignty let it be the sovereignty I witness from Aboriginal people. If Godde is present to me at all she is present in the every day world of a burning Amazon forest, of a tonne of assignments I will need to mark next week (without ceasing to teach all my classes…I am not sure how I am supposed to do that).

One thing won’t change the world but we must talk of the “many things” and do what we can. I wanted to write on Wednesday night but instead I went out with my middle son to talk about vegan food and politics and his work and my work and why he makes ethical choices, and what his former tutor said to me. My eldest who never comes out of his room came and sat down and asked me about my work and looked over my draft (very unusual) and started telling me about the public health system and how important it is and how we should not erode it. I wanted to write on Friday night but it was noisy at work so I came home expecting and empty house. I wanted to write on Thursday night but instead my youngest son wanted to tell me how angry he is about injustice and about the government selling off the trains and trams. And our government approving more coal mines?

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